Steampunk Sets

Feeling inspired? Create an outfit
Get ideas for how to style steampunk clothing and check out artistic collages featuring the Victorian-meets-modern fashion trend. What is steampunk fashion? If you’re new to steampunk culture, there are a few essentials you should get for your wardrobe. Procure a corset, petticoat and bustle to wear with a gathered skirt. Dark, neutral colors, like brown or black, capture the antique and dystopian feel. Add lace-up boots and a duster coat embellished with military details, like epaulettes and rows of gold buttons, to your outfit. Accessorize with feminine and romantic lockets or cameo jewelry. To switch up your look for a more masculine style, try swapping the skirt with skinny pants to wear with the coat, boots and goggles for an aviator vibe.

As for accessories, you have a few signature ones to choose from to really tie the look together. After all, the details will really make the steampunk style statement work. Goggles are key, while parasols, top hats and monocles round out the trend-friendly accessories. Other items and themes to incorporate include clocks, gears and chain belts. Wear your hair in romantic waves, either down or pulled away from your face in a loose bun. Juxtapose the softness of Victorian era dressing and hair with dark makeup--heavily lined sultry eyes and matte burgundy lips.